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1. Please ensure that I am online before making any purchases.
2. Do not engage in PvP events if your gold exceeds 30k, as this may result in a 100% account ban by EA!
3. All orders are at your own risk.
4. Support is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Moderate games benefit the brain, addicted to the games damage the health. Reasonable arrangement of time, enjoy healthy life~

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Which car to play pvp events safely?

From version 3.0.1 of the game, the PVP events introduced a one-click report button. Therefore, it’s advisable not to use the latest three versions’ new cars with maxstars, as well as some cars with special wraps (which rarely appear in the Black Market). 

how many golds to play pvp events safely?

To avoid a 100% account ban by EA, refrain from engaging in PvP events if your gold exceeds 30k!

Will the banned account be unbanned by the official?

The account is usually banned for one year, and after expiration, the official will unban it, with the data remaining the same as before the ban.

If my account is banned, how can I switch accounts and start playing again?

Once your account is banned, the ban duration typically lasts for one year, and your device will be blocked simultaneously. To resolve this, you should restore your device to its factory default settings. Afterward, log in with a new account, ensuring not to use the old one.

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